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Our Story


In Montreal’s vibrant Saint-Henri neighborhood, the Satay Brothers restaurant, founded by Alex and Mat Winnicki, has become a sanctuary of Southeast Asian flavors. It all began in 2010 with a quaint stall at Atwater Market, where they captivated Montreal’s food scene with Singaporean street food. Their dedication to authentic, flavorful dishes quickly built a devoted following, with their success propelling them from a seasonal market stall to a year-round culinary destination on Notre-Dame Street West.

Meanwhile, the original Atwater stall continues to delight customers each summer. Further expanding their reach, the Winnicki brothers have opened Kim Jen Ming at the McGill University Health Centre, bringing their cherished Southeast Asian cuisine to an even broader audience.

Savoring the Satay Brothers Experience

Satay Brothers’ menu celebrates Southeast Asian cuisine with dishes like spicy Laksa soup, savory Rendang beef, and irresistible pork belly steamed buns, all crafted with care using homemade ingredients that reflect the brothers’ Singaporean heritage.

At Satay Brothers, every dish is a surprise, harmoniously blending heritage and tradition. Our vibrant and bustling restaurant stands as a cherished destination where food enthusiasts and friends come to celebrate, indulge in great moments, and savor the delectable flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine.